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All the help you need with childcare legal issues


At Payne & Payne we understand that children are the most valued assets in a family breakdown. For this reason, we represent both the interests of the parents and those of the children as well. We make it clear that the children's interests are the most important, while dealing sensitively with all parties involved.

A complete range of childcare legal issues


Our family law solicitors who are specialized in childcare can assist you with a large number of issues involving children. Some of these include:


  • Adoption proceedings

  • Care proceedings

  • Child contact

  • Fostering issues



Our Childrens Law Expert


Judith Knight, Partner, Head of Family Childcare Department


Judith Knight is a member of the Law Society Children Panel Accreditation Scheme


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  • Prohibited steps

  • Residence

  • Specific issue order

  • Supervision order